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From: Kazimi
Category: Parody
Added:1 year ago
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From what I understand, this gun would be good for at most one shot. Seems like a waste of time to me. If I were going to get a gun, it would be a proven model, I would learn gun safety, and I would learn how to shoot. I'm not going to, but that is the responsible way to do it.

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Google sex pictures
Google sex pictures

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Grosar 1 year ago
Hey brainiac, he made that comment in 1964.
Negrel 1 year ago
I said it's not worthy of scientific acknowledgement.
Shakazragore 1 year ago
Is he a true Muslim?
Samugal 1 year ago
disbar these overreaching progressive leftist idiots.
Taurr 1 year ago
Fumbling around was half the fun!
Mauzragore 1 year ago
Outside of the church there is evidence for Paul.
Dukinos 1 year ago
Yes. You did. By omission.
Kazralar 1 year ago
Posit #1: god is made man in his image.
Voodoonos 1 year ago
Does the universe require a purpose?
Kazinos 1 year ago
As a man I'm also worried :P
Arashishura 1 year ago
You are most welcome!
Takasa 1 year ago
Feel free to explain.
Shakatilar 1 year ago
She forgot to mention her Christianity.
Shaktishicage 1 year ago
Is he? Not according to me.
Tagar 1 year ago
Did thank you .??
Grozil 1 year ago
Ok. Bible scholar??! Lol
Neran 1 year ago
Glad I didn?t bother wasting my time watching ??.
Nikot 1 year ago
What a unique way to...well...ummmm...participate...yeah that?s it...participate!??????
Milkree 11 months ago
how long a dress are we talking?
Mikalabar 11 months ago
That answer I can understand.
Gronris 11 months ago
That's great.. I'd love to taste it
Samujar 11 months ago
He's best friends with Charles Barkley.


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