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From: Kazimi
Category: Parody
Added:1 year ago
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From what I understand, this gun would be good for at most one shot. Seems like a waste of time to me. If I were going to get a gun, it would be a proven model, I would learn gun safety, and I would learn how to shoot. I'm not going to, but that is the responsible way to do it.

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Google sex pictures
Google sex pictures

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Grosar 1 year ago
Hey brainiac, he made that comment in 1964.
Negrel 1 year ago
I said it's not worthy of scientific acknowledgement.
Shakazragore 1 year ago
Is he a true Muslim?
Samugal 1 year ago
disbar these overreaching progressive leftist idiots.
Taurr 1 year ago
Fumbling around was half the fun!
Mauzragore 1 year ago
Outside of the church there is evidence for Paul.
Dukinos 1 year ago
Yes. You did. By omission.
Kazralar 1 year ago
Posit #1: god is made man in his image.
Voodoonos 11 months ago
Does the universe require a purpose?
Kazinos 11 months ago
As a man I'm also worried :P
Arashishura 11 months ago
You are most welcome!
Takasa 11 months ago
Feel free to explain.
Shakatilar 11 months ago
She forgot to mention her Christianity.
Shaktishicage 10 months ago
Is he? Not according to me.
Tagar 10 months ago
Did thank you .??
Grozil 10 months ago
Ok. Bible scholar??! Lol
Neran 10 months ago
Glad I didn?t bother wasting my time watching ??.
Nikot 9 months ago
What a unique way to...well...ummmm...participate...yeah that?s it...participate!??????
Milkree 9 months ago
how long a dress are we talking?
Mikalabar 9 months ago
That answer I can understand.
Gronris 9 months ago
That's great.. I'd love to taste it
Samujar 9 months ago
He's best friends with Charles Barkley.


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