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From: Shaktijinn
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Added:11 months ago
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The biggest logical issue in the bible for me is this.. How could Jesus be a direct descendant of Abraham/David if he was of virgin birth?

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How to find a girl to fuck

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Brarr 11 months ago
So when does the name change to
Gugami 10 months ago
Our leading Theologians are brilliant men and women.
Mibar 10 months ago
He's a good man
Kaganris 10 months ago
You aren't alone, you are never alone.
Gataxe 10 months ago
We will find something interesting to do ??
Fezilkree 10 months ago
I dont think anyone disputes that climate CHANGES.
Zulrajas 9 months ago
Flapping angel wings expends a lot of energy.
Nelmaran 9 months ago
He really has vision... I love that
Kazrajinn 9 months ago
She's a treat for sure.
Goltigal 9 months ago
That is 100% correct.
Mosar 9 months ago
They really look alike
Temuro 8 months ago
Can Information be lost, or only transposed?
Meztigis 8 months ago
If you don't have principles you're an easy mark.
Malagal 8 months ago
It?s a little bit funny ?
Vudolrajas 8 months ago
Sad. Over half My male peers are this stupid


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