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Jerky Girls Adult archive4

Jerky Girls Adult archive4
From: Akill
Category: Parody
Added:1 year ago
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I see Jeff Sessions serving tea to a ladies bridge party!--Weak and ineffective as Floyd the barber from Mayberry!--Hell,Barney Fife would make a better AG!

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Jerky Girls Adult archive4
Jerky Girls Adult archive4

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Yozshuk 1 year ago
Such are the facts
Zulkibei 1 year ago
Yup. It is. And you're guilty. Guilty.As sin!
Akinora 1 year ago
Here's basically what you believe.'
Darg 1 year ago
Why would Democrats do that?
Mezizshura 1 year ago
It will come. BTW I am not American.
Kazragore 1 year ago
Look at those happy faces. They are enjoying
Kigagal 1 year ago
Who appointed you to dispense rights?
Kazilkis 1 year ago
a foetus is by definition unborn.
Marn 1 year ago
youre ignorant and stupid, piss off loser.
Melabar 1 year ago
I'm praying for you too.????
Kigajar 1 year ago
Trump will complete what he started.
Mar 1 year ago
I see dead people there.
Talmaran 1 year ago
not so much in this case.
Yok 1 year ago
Okay. That implies that God isn't actually
Shakalkree 1 year ago
Yes, I've heard this often or variations of it.
Fesida 11 months ago
More than a mouthful is a waste.
Nejind 11 months ago
The mexicans?? What did I do now ?? Lol
Shajind 11 months ago
Yes, it in fact was a bet.
JoJoktilar 11 months ago
Oh, Children Of The Corn!
Faujind 11 months ago
Stop people from "sinning"? That's not possible.
Taramar 10 months ago
No. Of course the key word is EX.
Mogal 10 months ago
Window shopping is just ok
Mezilkis 10 months ago
Well... Everything depends on the age.
Mezilkree 10 months ago
You are to be congratulated, good for you.
Daijind 10 months ago
Just gonna hang out with some family. You?
Kigagor 10 months ago
What are you saying exactly, or within context?
Doucage 9 months ago
Lol.. hey how are you
Yozshurr 9 months ago
Yeah, but you're not an asshole. Category buster!
Jerky Girls Adult archive4


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