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Kimuro 11 months ago
Can?t think of one
Meztirn 10 months ago
You know, that will never happen, right?
Araran 10 months ago
The New Testament sound exegesis sound historical methodology.
Maumi 10 months ago
Maybe she'll stroke out.
Meztisida 10 months ago
She's a nice person
Jusho 10 months ago
Not bias...simply the rules of logic.
Nikonris 10 months ago
The answer is quite easy
Tajin 10 months ago
There are limits though. LOL!
Ker 9 months ago
Indeed! I like anime music all time
Zulkim 9 months ago
So in other words you don't have anything good.
Goltihn 9 months ago
Is that Buck Martinez with the Premier?
Nenos 9 months ago
The insanity of gangs.
Mezishakar 8 months ago
They are poorly educated...
Grodal 8 months ago
Stay triggered. Your tears are tasty.
Zulusho 8 months ago
All Trumps doing, I'm sure. /s
Gukora 8 months ago
Fly her in with an "invisible" F35!
Grora 7 months ago
If you are interested.
Zuluzragore 7 months ago
We all know that will never happen.
Douzil 7 months ago
Well I appreciate the upvotes, thank you Lantern
Goltirr 7 months ago
I miss President Obama.
Dotilar 7 months ago
Interesting approach therefore irrelevant .
Moogurisar 6 months ago
So parts of Sharia are the "word of God".
Togami 6 months ago
Truly, you are revealing your blindness.
Grolkis 6 months ago
So far there's one.
Mijora 6 months ago
Why not look at the Scandinavian countries?
Mikalkis 5 months ago
Dammit Sundance, that doesn't fit my narrative.
Zulabar 5 months ago
Haha much appreciated :p
Kajisho 5 months ago
Razor wire would be more effective.


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