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Sex roles in magazine ads
Sex roles in magazine ads

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Akilkis 10 months ago
Try gaslighting someone else.
Dubar 10 months ago
Emergent, that's the word I was looking for, thanks.
Kajilkree 10 months ago
I DON'T believe these things without hard evidence.
Zulkim 10 months ago
That's really a sad attempt.
Negrel 10 months ago
Is there an English version of this video?
Nizshura 9 months ago
Exactly "who" said Seth fought back?
Dotaxe 9 months ago
How? Tech is HELPING the environment.
Shagrel 9 months ago
do you think martin luther and kalvin changed doctrine?
Akinolmaran 9 months ago
To hell with you and your smarmy condescension.
Mikakree 9 months ago
1. What do you think of the logic arguments?
Tojinn 9 months ago
I can be. but its not fair.
Tagami 8 months ago
magically solve all the fine tuning problems.
Bakora 8 months ago
Yes, indeed. You lost.
Kikree 8 months ago
A persons perception is usually their reality.
Douzilkree 8 months ago
What's the contradiction in any of those?
Kigazshura 8 months ago
Hope she sees this!!
Kajihn 8 months ago
You may, but I don't believe validly.
JoJojin 8 months ago
still more people are choosing reason over religion
Branos 8 months ago
LOLOL!!!! PLEASE do not repost it anywhere...
Dasida 7 months ago
Islam, Scientology, and Buddhism?


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