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From: Shakarisar
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Define the god you say exists. You don't believe it is the Christian god you just think it is convenient as stated above.

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Sexy lusty massage new york

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Mikalar 1 year ago
It's all about the White Genocide Project,Doony Boy
Mazum 1 year ago
Will you marry me??
Grora 1 year ago
Not very bright are you?
Gutilar 1 year ago
Then why do you teach mendacities?
Tegrel 1 year ago
we are passive aggressive monsters, and you know it
Dikasa 1 year ago
It's worse than the Holocaust!!
Faegis 1 year ago
I'm sorry, but that is a really self-destructive attitude.
Arashirn 1 year ago
This is some good dance music
Voodoozil 1 year ago
Well I wish that were True -
Mikara 1 year ago
Prove that is what that author meant.
Taukree 1 year ago
You have been shown them twice in the past
Dajas 1 year ago
Stop making claims and demonstrate the truth of them!
Nekora 1 year ago
I've heard it, but I don't buy into it
Majar 1 year ago
In that last pic, it looks like she cooks??


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