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Gumi 9 months ago
I totally disagree with that...:)
Shashakar 8 months ago
No, God sends bad Christians there.
Mukora 8 months ago
It's cool to find fellow wrestling fans.
Fekinos 8 months ago
Got that right. Liberal ass kissers, please reply
Arashikora 8 months ago
Everyone has an opinion. Doesn't mean anything.
Kajir 8 months ago
MEn would choose money
Vudoshicage 8 months ago
Hmmm, I think that might be bad karma.
Mokree 7 months ago
1 represents an absolute certainty.
Nelkree 7 months ago
the ?disrespect? the players have shown.
Meztir 7 months ago
We'd be a lot safer.
Kazitaxe 7 months ago
Atheists always limit themselves to the physical.
Goltihn 6 months ago
Can you say "Fake News"?
Zulkicage 6 months ago
That's a good one!
Tauktilar 6 months ago
But do u think t proper Dat way
Kim 6 months ago
Antelope. Antelope usually don't, Molls. :-)
Gushakar 6 months ago
Well I stand corrected on that story.
Gora 5 months ago
Me in the morning. ??
Nikok 5 months ago
I just don't believe in Donald trump
Brarg 5 months ago
You use secular accounts of history
Godal 5 months ago
Not a useful firearm
Yojar 5 months ago
Of course animals can have religion. Humans are animals.
Gajind 5 months ago
religious people are OK.
Viran 5 months ago
What is a god
Vugis 5 months ago
That's awesome, I'm sure he was loved.
Akijin 5 months ago
who wouldn't be jealous of you?


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