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Molested by a gay

From: Akinor
Category: Romanian
Added:10 months ago
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Not only Miller-Urey experiments created ALL the aminoacids available in nature, they created MORE proteinogenic aminoacids (2 more, compared to volcanic spark discharge, for example). And tweaking the conditions of the experiment produced even more variety.

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Molested by a gay
Molested by a gay
Molested by a gay

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Gajora 10 months ago
The beginning of John's Gospel.
Nagal 9 months ago
Is pointing out falsehood considered 'abuse'?
Nizilkree 9 months ago
I expect you get grumpy with Odin too.
Faet 9 months ago
AB You almost have the picture.
Brajinn 9 months ago
They say they are [g]uided by Biblical values.
Mejinn 9 months ago
Most beds have two night stands??
Nikonris 9 months ago
Not a gaffe but a slip.
Morisar 9 months ago
"she said that she didn't know enough."
Vudokinos 8 months ago
Takes a lot of practice
Samuzahn 8 months ago
Funny as sheet though right? ??????
Arashirg 8 months ago
we believe more than that about the Holy Sabbath!
Kagaktilar 8 months ago
Not unless the business does not want unionized employees.
Sagal 8 months ago
Cute. Nothing but name calling. Get an argument.
Mikajin 8 months ago
Much Much MUCH worse.
Tygorn 7 months ago
Yes they will at the Great White Throne Judgement.
Kigara 7 months ago
hahahahahahahahahah Yes women ...........but lady or girl
Talrajas 7 months ago
My preconceptions? Let's look at this shall we?
Mazutaxe 7 months ago
Oh 6 years damn math!!
Nizil 7 months ago
my people were murdered under communism
Dazshura 6 months ago
How bout Space Fart. Yea!!!! :)
Tudal 6 months ago
I'm not talking infants or toddlers.
Kizshura 6 months ago
Care to explain how:
Brajar 6 months ago
That really sucks. I?m sorry about that.
Molested by a gay


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