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Have you ever understood the KJV ? Obviously not Reading God's Word and understanding God's written word would be helpful! Jesus always said Have Ye Not Read ? And this certainly applies here, I cannot give you a relationship with Him This is up to you it would help in your name calling

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Nude art photo blog
Nude art photo blog

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Gudal 11 months ago
The Bible is fine.
Yozshudal 11 months ago
You'll pay for that,stay close to a toilet......lol
Zoloshicage 10 months ago
Thanks so much for all the links.
Gurr 10 months ago
I love it!!  "Agolf Twittler"
Muzshura 10 months ago
pass that joint over here
Nikazahn 10 months ago
Stupid auto correct! Lol
Bashakar 10 months ago
Asking a clarifying question is "an assumption?"
Mezir 9 months ago
Oooh nice pic, Angel!
Zolojar 9 months ago
I liked my result XD
Nazuru 9 months ago
"'HA SHEM' is the last word to all arguments"
Mihn 9 months ago
I'll trust tge biologist over a troll.
Nehn 9 months ago
What debt is that again?
Tygoran 9 months ago
Try Bishop Berkeley's immaterialism. Or Hinduism.
Fer 9 months ago
Tell that to the unborn.
Nekree 8 months ago
Hostility towards religion? AYFKM?
Mole 8 months ago
The bucket was 10 liter and it fell 2-3m...
Gole 8 months ago
Never works if your a fat head capitalist.
Gardazuru 8 months ago
garbage in, garbage out. Literally.
Arabei 8 months ago
That has yet to be determined.
Arazshura 8 months ago
And adopted by the DNC
Mikagami 8 months ago
I am fine with amputation.
Kegul 8 months ago
A woman that knows what she likes! hahah
Mazudal 7 months ago
Check #1.1+ Chapter in: The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf
Tausar 7 months ago
Isn't Sal Gambino a police officer?
Dikus 7 months ago
1)I'm not a God.
Kajigar 7 months ago
That's great.. where you from
Vudozahn 7 months ago
I would agree you are borderline......
Nude art photo blog


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