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Moogugal 4 months ago
You don't know what you just said?
Mikakree 4 months ago
that's my understanding, yes.
Yozshugami 3 months ago
Eh, 2 out of 3 ain't bad,..????
Grogami 3 months ago
Then fill it with water.
Mikalrajas 3 months ago
The entire world so far hasn't accepted Jesus either.
Kazilmaran 3 months ago
Lol. Vicki? She seems pretty successful : )
Kazrashicage 3 months ago
Everything you just posted there was a lie.
Malall 3 months ago
You don?t know what you are talking about
Maugal 2 months ago
And your evidence it was a set up?
Ketilar 2 months ago
You leftys sure don't understand that word ...
Kazigal 2 months ago
To interject for just a second :)
Dile 2 months ago
More like skittles and cough syrup for Democrats.....
Tojakazahn 1 month ago
How can you run out of tortillas loquitooo lol
Zulkir 1 month ago
I just hope they?re healthy.
Fenricage 1 month ago
cucumber or ginger jello?
Nikomuro 1 month ago
Life of poverty? How do you know this?
Faekus 4 weeks ago
Lol okay. Carry on.
Zurg 3 weeks ago
Hello GL Sat Night for you..
Dilar 1 week ago
I understand it easier now! Thank you so much!
Shaktizuru 1 week ago
What makes you think it's a Law?
Mujin 1 week ago
I scream sometimes when I'm bored too.
Kaganris 2 days ago
Does softball in high school count?


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