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Your foundation is flawed. Have you read the bible, or do you just pick the quotes that suit you? the slavery permitted in the bible. The bible does not permit Slavery, it just writes about it. The Roman occupation of Judea was not permitted in the bible, just recorded and accepted as things were.

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Naked hot redheaded girls

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Vozragore 11 months ago
Then what is it you are advocating for?
Groshura 11 months ago
Ethereal's comment should be the featured comment
Yozshuzil 10 months ago
how did that ole prayer go:
Nikobei 10 months ago
We have become weaker.
Goshicage 10 months ago
We all have our own differences
Maulkis 10 months ago
I use ranch to dip carrot sticks.
Migul 10 months ago
I'll just tune in late.
Goltirg 9 months ago
Many folks are born into it too.
Mimi 9 months ago
Did I say anything about aliens?
Tedal 9 months ago
No, because I am not a theist.
Maur 9 months ago
Knock it off, Rick. Just flag it next time.
Zulkihn 9 months ago
There is no need to
Samumuro 9 months ago
I'm more of a ass man than boobs
Faulmaran 9 months ago
More democrat gun violence.
Gar 9 months ago
So the kid was retarded?
Goltishicage 8 months ago
Yes and no. :)
Vujinn 8 months ago
More ignorant bullshit. Truly pathetic.
Telkis 8 months ago
I forgot about those guys.
Gami 8 months ago
Is it? OK! LOLOL!!!
Dataur 7 months ago
All you need is love!!
Malall 7 months ago
points! I love a good pun
Darisar 7 months ago
He is also changing his name to Dindu Nuffin
Tygojinn 7 months ago
Indeed . So he was censored by definition.
Kajinris 7 months ago
Tom Ellis is my celeb crush
Grogis 7 months ago
Leader of the free world.
Maunos 7 months ago
Only to lying, cowardly libtards
Mauzil 6 months ago
Yeah not take hard work
Mikanos 6 months ago
parents but time good with both
Naked hot redheaded girls


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