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Ukraine The Marriage Is

From: Tedal
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Added:1 year ago
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They are. Very similar platforms. Take the blinders off and you'll see.

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Ukraine The Marriage Is

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Dasho 1 year ago
Non-responsive-and the reason is obvious.
Tygojas 1 year ago
You're assuming we'd want you in the club.
Dugar 1 year ago
That?s true of everything and everyone. Typer beware ??????
Dujas 1 year ago
I think you will get the joke eventually :)
Tesho 1 year ago
You know it. ;)
Shakarr 1 year ago
What are your thoughts on blasphemy laws in general?
Voodoonos 1 year ago
You must be doing something right!
Samubar 1 year ago
15 Years 8 months 1 day
Brazil 1 year ago
Well, you are certainly welcome to your opinion.
Arashira 1 year ago
It might be! Does he sport a beard?
Samumuro 1 year ago
.... IDK... Maybe I'll find a different one... LOLOL!!!
Kajinris 1 year ago
I want to watch the shows !
Migal 1 year ago
I forgot to. Done. Thanks.
Kazil 1 year ago
That's silly. Sever isn't even a number.
Zologal 1 year ago
Because they are fact.
Shara 1 year ago
For a child troll, sure.
Kajibar 1 year ago
We re all sinners..
Zuzuru 1 year ago
I?m goin da pool before it gets hot ??????
Ukraine The Marriage Is


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