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Ukraine The Marriage Is

From: Tedal
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Added:11 months ago
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They are. Very similar platforms. Take the blinders off and you'll see.

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Ukraine The Marriage Is

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Dasho 11 months ago
Non-responsive-and the reason is obvious.
Tygojas 11 months ago
You're assuming we'd want you in the club.
Dugar 11 months ago
That?s true of everything and everyone. Typer beware ??????
Dujas 10 months ago
I think you will get the joke eventually :)
Tesho 10 months ago
You know it. ;)
Shakarr 10 months ago
What are your thoughts on blasphemy laws in general?
Voodoonos 10 months ago
You must be doing something right!
Samubar 10 months ago
15 Years 8 months 1 day
Brazil 10 months ago
Well, you are certainly welcome to your opinion.
Arashira 9 months ago
It might be! Does he sport a beard?
Samumuro 9 months ago
.... IDK... Maybe I'll find a different one... LOLOL!!!
Kajinris 9 months ago
I want to watch the shows !
Migal 9 months ago
I forgot to. Done. Thanks.
Kazil 9 months ago
That's silly. Sever isn't even a number.
Zologal 9 months ago
Because they are fact.
Shara 8 months ago
For a child troll, sure.
Kajibar 8 months ago
We re all sinners..
Zuzuru 8 months ago
I?m goin da pool before it gets hot ??????
Ukraine The Marriage Is


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