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Blonde with red lowlights

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Since I do not believe in a creator, I do not believe in a purpose to the universe. Conversely, I can see that a Theist would see, or think they see, a purpose to it. After all, things seem to be created for a purpose.

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Blonde with red lowlights

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Kazirg 1 year ago
I dnt have boots to show off
Vudal 1 year ago
You are my candy girl??
Bralkree 1 year ago
Do you think said someone would be caught?
Telrajas 1 year ago
I was waiting for you????????
Yolkis 11 months ago
That's why Facebook is referred to as [email protected]??
Kazrajinn 11 months ago
Wow, you people... I can't even.
Zugore 11 months ago
omg yes! Sydney has the famous Bondi Beach.
Tabar 11 months ago
We call that memory in the living.
Votaur 10 months ago
That's nice. The point of your crying is?
Vudogar 10 months ago
a lot is a subjective measure.
Vorr 10 months ago
That makes 2 of us.
Kigul 10 months ago
I didn?t say He did. I said He can.
Fenrishura 10 months ago
unless they are fanatical SNOWFLAKES, just sayin' ;)
Mikataur 10 months ago
nothing that already hasn't....xD
Zulkilrajas 9 months ago
What created the creator?
Volmaran 9 months ago
Nope. Others are perfect. A witness of God.
Nek 9 months ago
I hope nobody peels her away!
Taukree 9 months ago
In his writings he does not beg.
Nisida 9 months ago
Nah not interested in lesbian sex.
Negore 9 months ago
12 Monkeys !!! awesome movie !!
Mucage 9 months ago
"dozens upon dozens of fulfilled Bible prophecies"
Akinomi 8 months ago
Cake work, like this ?
Tygojin 8 months ago
The Republicans should have impeached him a year ago.
Kelabar 8 months ago
Yeah, useless green party
Akinokus 8 months ago
It's also a good place to make business connections.
Brajinn 8 months ago
Don't blame the player.
Murr 7 months ago
Nice false dichotomy you have there.
Vizilkree 7 months ago
Because he IS a spacehead.
Gardabar 7 months ago
I think Kayla can do better than that.
Dagis 7 months ago
I have seen a few do that though ;)
Blonde with red lowlights


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