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Lesbian with thier toys

From: Kazrazil
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Added:11 months ago
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So what do you suggest instead of protesting? Wasn't this country's independence started with a protest? Perhaps the ones being protested to, need to figure out how to make a place where there is no desire to protest. Not a place where there is no right to protest. Most protests are peaceful. Violent protesters should be prosecuted. Conservative protesters are just as violent as the other side. Everyone knows that there is a good chance that violence will breakout at any political protest or rally. If your not expecting that then you are asleep at the wheel.

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Lesbian with thier toys
Lesbian with thier toys

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Zulkiran 11 months ago
Nancy, Did you double take your meds again???
Mikabar 11 months ago
Fait accompli iterum, ignoramus.
Tygoll 11 months ago
You have built a family. I'd say that's something.
Nakus 10 months ago
LMAO Shay, why the name change?
Mautaxe 10 months ago
Can we do 90s lol
Maule 10 months ago
Sneak some Yellow Ice in her Kool-Aid.
Mogrel 10 months ago
Yep Don't know why she did that..but miss her..
Dinris 10 months ago
So all the unborn babies were bad?
Kekasa 10 months ago
Only if it's convenient for their rhetoric.
Maushicage 9 months ago
How about Dua Lipa instead
Brarr 9 months ago
How's that RDSA working out? HA HA HA!!! Moron.
Mikakazahn 9 months ago
Ignorantly said. Well done.
Voodookinos 9 months ago
They die a little more slowly that way.
Vogor 8 months ago
The USSR wasn't a true atheistic country.
Karamar 8 months ago
You must have missed these passages:
Tokinos 8 months ago
Sending the NRA thoughts and prayers.
Tygojar 8 months ago
Meanwhile, my questions are:
JoJokasa 8 months ago
I hope his swamp dwellers tape him.
Maulmaran 8 months ago
"an absurdist situation" . Also irony.
Tagis 8 months ago
Are you only interested in personal attack..or civil discourse.


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