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I feel that Buddhism is both. It has a little bit of each side mixed into it, except it stays neutral enough to avoid certain pitfalls associated with monotheism (and no, I'm not picking on monotheism as a concept, I'm just saying).

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Moogudal 1 year ago
So, who makes the "image" and from what?
Jurn 1 year ago
Thank you for asking the way you did Bob!
Nikogar 1 year ago
So nowhere, thanks for playing.
Tole 1 year ago
Alright alright cowgirl ??
Arashilrajas 11 months ago
You are the teachers pet indeed.
Zologal 11 months ago
So you cannot show that something like Satan exists?
Arashibar 11 months ago
Haha, they should. You'll never get the island. :D
Dazilkree 11 months ago
Back off the mod bashing here denna.
Kazijas 11 months ago
No one forced Flynn to lie to the FBI
Brajind 10 months ago
lol @ Mr. 4 comments
Kejora 10 months ago
Gillette, can you review my recent OP?
Gogore 10 months ago
Glad you like, she is a babe.
Zolorn 10 months ago
Your statement is complete nonsense.
Tauktilar 10 months ago
TIL Only people running for Congress can have narratives.
Vim 9 months ago
And lost and crying lol
Arashizil 9 months ago
You have few ideas about anything.
Kagis 9 months ago
they should be out of business.
Sahn 9 months ago
He loves the taste
Mazukus 9 months ago
Thanks, but I am addicted to the paycheck. ;-)
Toshakar 9 months ago
I like slow n meaningful songs like this one.
Shaktilabar 9 months ago
Oh fkn hell!!! hahahaha
Netaur 8 months ago
Thanks! See ya later, off to work!
Negore 8 months ago
"Inside" the government. Stop being so obtuse.
Faugor 8 months ago
Do you have a specific question or not?
Vura 8 months ago
I was born on California. I live in Virginia.
Moogujora 8 months ago
I like cold weather.. I hate hot weather


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