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Bisexual seduction stories
Bisexual seduction stories

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Megami 11 months ago
it took 6 days dude, everyone knows that
Jusho 11 months ago
Which do you prefer, LARGE TALK or small talk?
Nikoktilar 11 months ago
Strogers is so popular, people are
Kigis 11 months ago
Sorry wrong person and you are quite welcome.
Mit 11 months ago
Yet you ignore the methods of science.
Bakazahn 10 months ago
What actions of the parents?
Kejar 10 months ago
If there is no inventor, there are no lightbulbs.
Fesar 10 months ago
I'd give Barbie a facial. :D
Taujind 10 months ago
That's your reflection in the monitor.
Gardajind 10 months ago
actually, He was in church every Sabbath.
Mazur 9 months ago
Thanks for your unbiased assessment.
Vulkis 9 months ago
God gives us science are you serious?
Vukazahn 9 months ago
In this discussion, your bias is towards your religion.
Kazitaxe 9 months ago
I try to be lol :)
Makinos 9 months ago
Clearly you do not understand. :(
Feshakar 9 months ago
"Faith in a god is irrational."
Tehn 9 months ago
Yes it does. I just explained it.
Vudogami 9 months ago
State your scriptures that there is a mother God.
Bisexual seduction stories


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